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C++ Templates - The Complete Guide

by David Vandevoorde and Nicolai M. Josuttis

Here are quotes of people who have read this book:

The C++ community really, really needed a book like this, and it's hard to imagine how anybody could have written a better one than the authors did. I will keep recommending it very strongly in my column.
(Thomas Becker, Zephyr Associates, Inc.)

This is an important book, and long overdue in the C++ world.
(Marc Briand, former Editor-in-Chief of C/C++ Users Journal)

In short: The template bible has been written. Study it.
(Maxim Khesin, CVISION Technologies, LLC.)

I was highly anticipating this book, and it has completely fulfilled my expectations. You guys did a great job writing this badly needed book.
(Josh Walker)

If you only buy one new C++ book this year, this should be it.
(Josh Walker for, see whole review)

This book seems to be excellent. It's so good, I think I've decided to abandon my own plans for a book on templates! Please send the authors my compliments for a fine piece of work.
(Stephen C. Dewhurst, Semantics Consulting, Inc.)

This covers all the nits and pits about templates, i.e. everything you never wanted to know - but need to for effective use of templates.
(Dietmar Kühl, Phaidros eaSE)

My favourite aspect of this book is that it continually showed both sides to template usage, both in their structure and how they're used. Showing both design and use is usually rare. The examples are first rate, very concise, very well explained.
(Patrick Mc Killen, Vision Information Consulting Ltd)

I have spent many happy geek hours with this draft. I wounder how many projects will take temporary hits when engineers read this book and comprehend how much better their code can be.
(Allan Ramacher, Reviewer)

Anyway, great book. I learned a few things that I had no inkling of before, just on a casual reading of the first few chapters... It looks like this is another must-have book for people who want to understand all of C++. (Not that that's possible, except for perhaps half a dozen people or so. I'll bet more people understand General Relativity :-)
(Hyman Rosen)

A must-have...
These days, it’s difficult to find code that doesn't use templates. C++ Templates: A Complete Guide will help you become a developer, rather than merely a user, of templated code.

(John Torjo for, see whole review)

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