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Object-Oriented Programming in C++

by Nicolai M. Josuttis

Here are quotes of people who have read this book:

I have seen technical books like yours 2 times only so far! And I have read a lot, believe me!
(Nikola Irobaliev)

I very much needed this book. Thank you for writing it. Your book has saved months and months of time for me.
And the quote "... saved months ..." is not just a pleasant saying; it is the truth. I have read nine books, some for beginners, some for more advanced readers:
- C++ FAQs, Second Edition by Cline, Lomow, Girou
- C++ Primer Plus, Fourth Edition by Prata
- C++ Primer, Third Edition by Lippman, Lajoie
- Thinking in C++, Second Edition by Eckel
- Accelerated C++ by Koenig, Moo
- Teach Yourself C++, Sixth Edition by Al Stevens
- C++ How to Program (4th Edition) by Deitel, Deitel
- The C++ Programming Language, Third Edition by Stroustrup
- C++ Solutions by Vandevoorde
I have already spent many hours with these books and was doomed to spend many more. Fortunately for me, your book gave me a framework for C++ knowledge.
Each of these books have testimonials to their greatness. Each book has its merits. I imagine each is perfect for some audience, but not for me. Your book brought me to enlightenment.

(R. Sherman)

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